Hello Beautiful

What is the A Beautiful Me Pen Pal Program?

Research shows that 79% of girls report feeling more isolated and alone since COVID-19 began.

We have mobilized our volunteers to address this need!

Our Pen Pal Program seeks to provide an additional source of positive encouragement during this difficult time. We do this by sharing the research-proven tools we teach in our workshops. Each letter we send will adhere to A Beautiful Me’s mission, values, and Statement of Faith.

A Beautiful Me volunteers are background checked and trained to inspire girls. Volunteers meet at our home office to hand write letters to girls, and all incoming and outgoing letters are reviewed by a trained volunteer.

This is an exclusive opportunity for girls who participated in past workshops. We are reinforcing the concepts taught in our workshops and strengthening the bonds formed by our volunteers to support your girls. Participation is voluntary, and girls can opt-out at any time.

Interested in sharing this program with other girls in your life? Stay in touch by connecting with us on Facebook or Instagram. Depending on the response we receive, we may open this program up to more girls in the future.

Do you need encouragement too?

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