The A Beautiful Me program has brought so much to the girls that participated at Garfield Elementary School.   The hands-on learning experiences truly engaged the girls as it empowered them with self-confidence and self-esteem.  I am so glad I was able to be a part of the bonding and learning along with the girls.

The dream boards were especially valuable for our girls, as we are working with the Leader in Me program. This goes right along with our goal setting and Beginning with the End in Mind.  Thank you, Karen and Tina, I look forward to continuing this program in the future.

-Jackie M., Elementary Teacher, Port Huron, MI

I am so thrilled to have been able to bring A Beautiful Me workshops to all the 5th grade girls at Roosevelt Elementary School. In today’s society our young girls are faced with so many issues that sometimes the basics of who they truly are gets lost in the shuffle! I have seen so many girls come out of their shells, smile more, talk to more people, and be able to build some great relationships! I know they were very excited when Thursday was here each week. Thank you for helping these young ladies recognize their unique, true beauty.

-Karla B., Elementary Teacher, Port Huron, MI

Through assemblies and workshops we see that Karen is committed to her mission of reaching out to all women and helping them grow in confidence and self-worth. Her work flows from her heart and reaches out to touch everyone with whom she comes in contact. Regina High School has been fortunate to team up with her and bring our school community along on the journey.

-Amy D., All-Girl High School Counselor, Warren, MI

It is never too late to learn valuable lessons in life, and that is what I am continually learning as a facilitator for A Beautiful Me workshops. I am treasuring the connections created with the young ladies, and through them I am discovering self-reflection which clarifies better than any mirror!

-Tina A., Retired Elementary School Teacher, Romeo, MI

Being a mentor with A Beautiful Me has given me such insight not only about myself but also about our young girls in today’s world. It is hard sometimes to believe the issues our youth have to deal with at home and at school. Being a mentor with such a great organization such as ABMe is truly a way to give back and make a difference.

-Debbie M., Utley Brothers Printing Company, Troy, MI