YOU can and do make a difference!

When did you discover your self-worth?  Many of us don’t see our lack of self-esteem.

“It is encouraging to belong to a program that is accomplishing their goals.”
-Christine Sutherland

Building character and self-esteem in young ladies and seeing measurable outcomes in lives and communities.

Join our Butterfly Effect Team!

A circle of people who invest beyond themselves. Our Butterfly Effect Team is a group of people that see the value in our young girls – investing in our youth to provide a foundation of self-worth. Monthly donations begin at $25.00 and directly impact providing self-esteem workshops to local girls. Would you like to be part of team?

Each friend will:
• Receive a small token gift from A Beautiful Me & “our” girls.
• Receive a special invitation to our annual birthday party.
• Be asked occasionally for wisdom and insight on various topics.

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Our partners invest in working together to serve local and regional communities.  Through weekly updates to encourage women to annual events and day camps, we are grateful to collaborate with others.