A Beautiful Me is a 501c3 charitable organization with a passionate group of people who work to empower youth and strengthen communities with confident young women.  Using a workshop curriculum, exclusively created by A Beautiful Me, outcome data characterize a new definition of performance because they are consistent regardless of where the workshops are presented.  Wealthy suburban communities, poor Latin American communities, inner city schools, and small city neighborhood schools will gain healthy decision makers.

History of A Beautiful Me, Inc.

A Beautiful Me’s Founder & Executive Director, Karen Palka, is a mother of one son and two daughters.  Prior to launching A Beautiful Me, she was a sole proprietor and creative director of a graphic design studio, Carousel Creations, for 20 years.

In her early 40’s she began to realize her own self-worth.  As she watched her own daughters and their friends grow, Karen had an overwhelming feeling laid on her heart that her community was in need of a program to build self-esteem.

During the summer of 2008, many friends, business owners, and acquaintances were asked questions and gave input as the direction of A Beautiful Me metamorphosized.

April 24, 2008: Articles of Incorporation were signed for A Beautiful Me, Inc.

January 2009: The first original 4-Part Self-Esteem Workshop Series was launched.

March 2010: The 501c3 tax-exempt status was received.

February 2012: Intellectual property attorney’s worked to secure the A Beautiful Me name with a registered trademarked.