Hi, my name is Libby Gardner and I am an emerge360 teen. Even though this program has given me many experiences and qualities, one experience that stood out above all others is one I will never forget.

One time a single father came into the Closet looking to buy two dresses for his two daughters. Considering the fact that their dances were the next day, the father was in a rush to find the perfect dress for his daughters. Knowing nothing about dress shopping, the Closet staff and emerge 360 program made sure that they both left feeling good about themselves with a dress that they loved.

One of our goals at the Closet and A Beautiful Me, is to build confidence and self esteem through women of all ages, and these experiences definitely put forward that goal. No matter your situation you should never feel ashamed to come in and buy a dress. I really loved being a part of doing something to help others feel good about themselves. It makes you feel good about yourself too.