Are you struggling with trying to figure out what to wear for snow-coming? The Closet by A Beautiful Me can help you with your decision, and this blog post will give you some ideas on what is trending for snow-coming 2023! 

Some people get confused about the difference between prom, snow-coming and homecoming. Snow-coming, a homecoming, is a more semi-formal event. Most girls decide to wear short dresses to homecomings and long dresses to proms. Homecoming is considered to be a semi-formal event. Although some people choose to go all out, the trend is short dresses. One major trend is to stick to a simple, cocktail dress, and dress it up with some jewelry.

This season, the colors that are trending the most are, barbie pink, wine, lilac, peacock blue, sky blue, deep periwinkle, slate blue, and black. Like I mentioned before, some people like to stick to a more simple dress and dress it up with some unique jewelry. These colors would all pair well with gold jewelry. This season, gold jewelry has been proven to be more popular than silver jewelry.

There are so many different dress styles to choose from but some of the trending ones this season are; Fit and flare, unique fabrics like sequins and feathers, corset tops, or mesh because they are easier to breathe and dance in, sequin glam, and cocktail dresses. 

Many people become very stressed when it comes to picking out the “perfect dress” for snow-coming because they do not know where to start. Here are some things that will help you when you are looking for a dress that perfectly fits YOU!:

  • Pick a style and color that suits you
  • Find the dress style that you like the most
  • Consider if your school is having a theme for the dance
  • Make sure to check all of your options, you may not like a dress when it is on the hanger but you could love it on yourself
  • Give yourself time, don’t wait until the last minute because it will just cause more stress.
  • Consider what kind of accessories you could pair with the dress when picking it.

One way to find out what color dress fits you the most is by figuring out what kind of undertones you have in your skin color. This can help the dress look even more perfect on you when it blends well with your skin tone. There are many different quizzes online that can help you figure this out! View Link One or Link Two to see how to determine the best colors for you

Here at The Closet by A Beautiful Me, we want everyone to be confident at their events and rock our dresses! We have associates that will help you pick the perfect dress for you. Everyone can do what they choose, and dress how they choose, but if you would like to go along with the trends for this seasons’ snow-coming dance, this blog should help you get an idea of what to look for! The Closet by A Beautiful Me also has amazing jewelry and handbags to choose from to complete your look.