Hello beautiful people! Being a part of emerge360 at The Closet by A Beautiful Me has given me so many amazing opportunities and has helped me become much more confident in myself. I have been able to get to know other teen girls in my community, one of them being Harmony Fay Smith. I wanted to create a blog post about her because she has been a part of emerge360 the longest. This blog post will focus mainly on all of the amazing opportunities The Closet by A Beautiful Me has brought to her, things she has learned, and her favorite parts and experiences.

Over the three, 16 week commitments, which is a total of 48 weeks of emerge360, there are a variety of things to learn about the business and customer service aspect, and also a lot more like learning how to organize dresses, learn new cleaning skills and more . 

Harmony Fay shared that her favorite thing she has learned over this process is, “Being able to learn how to work with people, customer service skills, and all of the different things you can actually accomplish.” 

Being a part of emerge360 has helped me realize that even tasks that seem impossible are possible. I feel as it has helped me gain a growth mindset and think more positively about tough situations that do not seem achievable, I am always able to find a way to achieve them one way or another.

The Closet by A Beautiful Me also brings the opportunity to be a part of many amazing experiences and events. Just a few of the opportunities A Beautiful Me brings are, 4-part workshops for 5th grade girls to build self esteem in local elementary schools, Fundraising Galas for girls to showcase their confidence, and so much more. 

This is Harmony Fay’s favorite experience that she experienced while being a part of emerge360. “My favorite experience was probably the hair show in 2021. I was terrified to walk down a runway at first, but it ended up all being perfectly fine in the end. I gained more confidence in myself during this event and gained a ‘you can’ mindset, I realized that even when things seem difficult, they are possible.”

Here at The Closet by A Beautiful Me, we strive for as many people to know about us and our mission as possible. Being a part of emerge360 has allowed me to spread knowledge about A Beautiful Me to people who had no idea about it. I have also been able to tell girls at my school about it and they were interested in it and ended up joining the program as well! 

A Beautiful Me can bring so many character traits to your everyday life, but Harmony Fay has recognized these important qualities in herself while being a part of the program. She says, “They have trusted me to be able to work in their office and repurpose dresses, and spread knowledge about A Beautiful Me to people that were unaware of it. It has given me a lot of traits and qualities that I can use in jobs I may have in the future.” These are just some of the amazing things that A Beautiful Me can bring to your life!!

Being a part of emerge360 at The Closet by A Beautiful Me can help you become more confident in yourself, and teach you so many amazing things that you can use in your life forever. This has helped me become even more confident in myself and more social than I was before joining the program. 

Harmony Fay has also gained a lot during this awesome experience but these things are the biggest takeaways for her. She states, “I was very shy before joining the program and did not like talking to people, but A Beautiful Me has kind of ‘forced me in a good way’ to talk to people and be more social. I am a lot more confident in myself now and I am able to talk to people a lot easily now. I have been able to be featured in some videos on A Beautiful Me’s social media pages, and that has also helped me become more confident in myself.”

These are just SOME of the amazing things that being a part of emerge360 at The Closet by A Beautiful Me can bring to your life. I was so scared my first few weeks and I was nervous, but now being here for over 36 weeks I am so confident in myself and I do not fear judgment from people as much now. If you are struggling making the decision whether or not to be a part of A Beautiful Me, I say go for it and take that leap of faith, because it is easily the best decision I have ever made. 

If you are looking to learn more about the program, stop into The Closet by A Beautiful Me on Mondays-Fridays, 12pm-6pm, and Saturdays from 10am-3pm, and one of our associates would love to give you more information and answer any questions you may have! I will be there from Tuesdays from 4pm-6pm!