Hello, my name is Greta Heiss! This is a moment in time: My Art Hop Experience.

I am one of the proud people that is a part of the emerge360 program. I am Greta. I am in 9th grade and go to NLCA (New Life Christian Academy). I am very athletic and love to bake. I play tennis, volleyball, basketball, and I like to swim. I am so thankful I have had this opportunity to be in the emerge360 program.

Starting in June of this year, I have learned from many experiences in emerge360. When employees say at The Closet, “It is more than a dress store” they really mean that. They show kindness, empathy, and grace towards all customers. To add on to all the great acts of kindness they show already, they have the emerge360 program by A Beautiful Me to teach business and philanthropy skills to teen girls.

One of my best experiences in the program so far has been modeling. Modeling is one of the many ways to advertise clothing. I have had multiple experiences modeling for A Beautiful Me including Rotary International Day Parade, posing on their Instagram, a Flash of Fashion (Click here to watch!),  and the most recent was me modeling at Art Hop. The theme for modeling was repurposed clothing and I wore a big, poofy, purple dress.

Modeling has made me feel much more confident in myself. Talking about your outer AND inner beauty makes me not feel ashamed or insecure of myself anymore.