About Elizabeth Witteveen

Elizabeth Witteveen, a wife & mother, lives in Alabama with deep Michigan roots. She has a scant handful of degrees and a long resume including ESL teacher, technical writer, rocket scientist, and Neuro-visual therapist. She has moved 11 times between seven different states and one country overseas, and enjoys traveling, gardening, horseback riding, swimming, reading, and time with family and friends. Elizabeth is a monthly donor to A Beautiful Me because she knows the importance to empower young people with social and emotional learning.

Grapple with Filters

I recently had an interesting conversation with a couple of my female friends who are successful professionals that work in male dominated fields within the military/government service. They are civilians, exceedingly intelligent and thoughtful, and have worked very hard to get to the level that they have. I asked each of them what they [...]

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I received my second Covid vaccine yesterday, and I am a little out of sorts today. I’m not complaining really, my arm is sore and I’m feeling very tired. I fully recognize the gift of science and the ability to help our world return to normal, as well as the protection for my own [...]

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The Lost Year

It’s April... a year has gone by. An unprecedented, weird, scary, cautious year: four full seasons. A year ago international travel was closed to us (whether we travel or not, it feels restricting), we wear masks that hide our smiles, schools are online, we can’t eat out or go shopping without worrying, we don’t [...]

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