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Elizabeth Witteveen, a wife & mother, lives in Alabama with deep Michigan roots. She has a scant handful of degrees and a long resume including ESL teacher, technical writer, rocket scientist, and Neuro-visual therapist. She has moved 11 times between seven different states and one country overseas, and enjoys traveling, gardening, horseback riding, swimming, reading, and time with family and friends. Elizabeth is a monthly donor to A Beautiful Me because she knows the importance to empower young people with social and emotional learning.

Enough vs. Full Potential

Enough: to the required degree or extent.  I went to lunch recently with some friends, and one of the older members of this group of kind, loving, God-fearing women said she was tired of the word “enough”. As in “You are Enough”. You. Are. Enough. She said she didn’t ever feel that way, and [...]

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Choose Kindness

According to a recent WebMD article, panic and anxiety disorders affect up to 2.4 million Americans, and women are twice as likely than men to have panic attacks.  In the past two months we are dealing with so much more than the past two years learning to live with Covid and finding toilet paper… [...]

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Technology is great, isn’t it? Especially when it works the way you need it.  My dad has loved all new technology, even to this day and age of frustrating updates and linking smart devices together. He was the first in the neighborhood to have the Texas Instrument calculator when it was released in the [...]

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The Cracked Pot

Do you look at other people and think maybe you don’t measure up? Or maybe think you might be just a little bit broken? I’ve heard the story of The Cracked Pot twice in the space of a couple days. It really touches me, when we try so hard to make everything perfect for [...]

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I recently had lunch with a friend whom I admire very much, along with her daughter and my daughter. We have known each other for nearly 10 years, and the girls have grown from young high school girls to full grown women with all the responsibilities and joys and heartache that entails. Ms. B [...]

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Growing + Adapting = Change

In my garden there is a very interesting plant, the Hibiscus Mutabilis. The common name in the south is Cotton Rose or Confederate Rose, but it’s a plant that originated in Asia and is on every continent but Antarctica.  Each year for the past three years I cut off all the branches when the [...]

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Rules Have Elasticity

My kids know that I was pretty strict when they were young, but they occasionally witnessed me breaking a rule. Something that seemed silly, like no pictures allowed in a museum exhibit, or going in the wrong door. Or speeding... and then getting a ticket. But in all of these cases, there was no [...]

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Who’s Plan Is It?

Decisions, decisions… what do I wear today, what do I want for breakfast, what do I HAVE to do today, what do I WANT to do today? We are faced with hundreds of decisions every single day: some decisions are easy, some take a little time, others can be overwhelming. As adults, we have [...]

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I think. I can.

A couple years ago a friend gave me a journal and a pen for my birthday with a challenge to write three things every day for a year for which I was thankful, without repeating anything. She said she had done that and was completely amazed at how her outlook on her life changed.  [...]

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Faith, Grit, and Time

I had a conversation today with a couple of my young friends and their mom. I asked them what grit was. Two 14 year olds and a 10 year old said they had no idea. The youngest picked up her phone and asked it “What’s a grit?” The phone showed her a box of [...]

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