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Insights by Tabby

My Experience with Emerge360 Throughout the program I have learned important business and life skills. Recently I volunteered at the Prom Fashion Show. By doing that I got the opportunity to meet new people and I had the confidence to do something I would not normally have done before the program. I have learned [...]

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Insights by Libby

Hi, my name is Libby Gardner and I am an emerge360 teen. Even though this program has given me many experiences and qualities, one experience that stood out above all others is one I will never forget. One time a single father came into the Closet looking to buy two dresses for his two [...]

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Insights by Ava

Hello! My name is Ava Lyons. I am a teen who joined the emerge360 program in late June and it has already been an experience that will remain with me for life. I had been shopping at The Closet for 3 years and I already adored Lori Ann! What I did not know is [...]

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Insights by Greta

Hello, my name is Greta Heiss! This is a moment in time: My Art Hop Experience. I am one of the proud people that is a part of the emerge360 program. I am Greta. I am in 9th grade and go to NLCA (New Life Christian Academy). I am very athletic and love to [...]

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Launching “A Beautiful Blog”

Hello beautiful people! In this first blog post, I want you all to get to know me a little bit, so you know who is behind this newly created blog. My name is Izzy Kelly, I am in the 8th grade at Marysville Middle School, and here is a little about myself. I am [...]

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emerge360 Unveiled

Our nonprofit, A Beautiful Me, empowers girls with life-giving messages about their self-worth and tools to build their confidence. In our emerge360 teen program, we train girls in business and philanthropy skills at our social enterprise retail store, The Closet by A Beautiful Me, in downtown Port Huron, Michigan. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced [...]

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