Who’s Plan Is It?

Decisions, decisions… what do I wear today, what do I want for breakfast, what do I HAVE to do today, what do I WANT to do today? We are faced with hundreds of decisions every single day: some decisions are easy, some take a little time, others can be overwhelming. As adults, we have [...]

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I think. I can.

A couple years ago a friend gave me a journal and a pen for my birthday with a challenge to write three things every day for a year for which I was thankful, without repeating anything. She said she had done that and was completely amazed at how her outlook on her life changed.  [...]

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Faith, Grit, and Time

I had a conversation today with a couple of my young friends and their mom. I asked them what grit was. Two 14 year olds and a 10 year old said they had no idea. The youngest picked up her phone and asked it “What’s a grit?” The phone showed her a box of [...]

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Grapple with Filters

I recently had an interesting conversation with a couple of my female friends who are successful professionals that work in male dominated fields within the military/government service. They are civilians, exceedingly intelligent and thoughtful, and have worked very hard to get to the level that they have. I asked each of them what they [...]

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Reaching Girls Where COVID-19 Placed Them

Our nonprofit, A Beautiful Me, empowers girls with life-giving messages about their self-worth and tools to build their confidence. We primarily work with girls through workshops and assemblies in schools and at our social enterprise retail store, The Closet by A Beautiful Me, in downtown Port Huron, Michigan. When the pandemic closed schools and [...]

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