Insights by Tabby

My Experience with Emerge360 Throughout the program I have learned important business and life skills. Recently I volunteered at the Prom Fashion Show. By doing that I got the opportunity to meet new people and I had the confidence to do something I would not normally have done before the program. I have learned [...]

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Insights by Libby

Hi, my name is Libby Gardner and I am an emerge360 teen. Even though this program has given me many experiences and qualities, one experience that stood out above all others is one I will never forget. One time a single father came into the Closet looking to buy two dresses for his two [...]

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Insights by Ava

Hello! My name is Ava Lyons. I am a teen who joined the emerge360 program in late June and it has already been an experience that will remain with me for life. I had been shopping at The Closet for 3 years and I already adored Lori Ann! What I did not know is [...]

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Insights by Greta

Hello, my name is Greta Heiss! This is a moment in time: My Art Hop Experience. I am one of the proud people that is a part of the emerge360 program. I am Greta. I am in 9th grade and go to NLCA (New Life Christian Academy). I am very athletic and love to [...]

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A Beautiful Me’s Core Values

Hello beautiful people! In this blog post I will be talking about A Beautiful Me’s very important seven core values. I believe that all of these core values play very important roles in my everyday life, so I will be discussing how I apply these core values in my life and what they mean [...]

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Who’s Plan Is It?

Decisions, decisions… what do I wear today, what do I want for breakfast, what do I HAVE to do today, what do I WANT to do today? We are faced with hundreds of decisions every single day: some decisions are easy, some take a little time, others can be overwhelming. As adults, we have [...]

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I think. I can.

A couple years ago a friend gave me a journal and a pen for my birthday with a challenge to write three things every day for a year for which I was thankful, without repeating anything. She said she had done that and was completely amazed at how her outlook on her life changed.  [...]

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The Lost Year

It’s April... a year has gone by. An unprecedented, weird, scary, cautious year: four full seasons. A year ago international travel was closed to us (whether we travel or not, it feels restricting), we wear masks that hide our smiles, schools are online, we can’t eat out or go shopping without worrying, we don’t [...]

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